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All of my Roads Led from Middlesbrough

The document is an account of journeys made from Middlesbrough, based mainly on the road configurations of the early 1970s, but taking a historical view, so looking back into times past. The journeys were made along routes to 5 destinations, namely Edinburgh, Workington, Whitby via Skinningrove, Hartlepool, and Scunthorpe, and the selection gives a clue to the fact, that all but the first were relevant to my work in the 1970s, for British Steel. However, there is no focus on that aspect, instead my concerns are with landscapes and townscapes, old buildings including castles, mansions and bridges, transport including railways, roads, and ferries, and people of historical import; I also allow myself to dwell on a few tales, truthful or mythical, associated with the places, which I pass. I believe that what I call linear topographic presentations, along routes and rivers, can give more coherent views, than presentations of information selected by counties or regions. I follow the template of Roman Itineraries, and Ogilby’s maps, rather than the works of Mee and Pevsner, and their modern imitators; all are valuable works for their time, as regards the information made available, and I believe there is a place for both styles.

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