About the Author

Dr. Tom Robertson is a native of Edinburgh who has recently returned to live there, after many years in England. He has spent recent years studying historical topics on a full-time basis. The results, so far, are the books presented on this web site. An earlier version of that dealing with the Earls of Danby and Shaftesbury has already been conventionally published. For the past few years he has also been visiting and documenting the old bridges in all parts of Great Britain. Over 800 have been visited and the website carries a substantial document incorporating notes and photographs of all of them.

Tom’s career background is scientific, with an original specialism in aerodynamics, though he later took charge of research in different fields. His final appointment was as the senior manager responsible for all metallurgical research carried out by the multinational steel company, Corus.

Tom’s interest in matters historical dates from his schooldays, even although his formal instruction ceased when he was 16 years old. He hopes that the lack of an academic background is at least partly balanced by a scientist’s emphasis on the veracity and accuracy of explanations and conclusions.

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